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Architectural Project Designer

Job Site: Palo Alto, California
Job Requirements:
Master degree in Architecture and one year work experience as architectural intern.
Job Duties:
Prepare detailed drawings of architectural design and master plans for buildings & structures, including schematic
design, design presentation, design construction development, construction documentation/specification & construction admin by utilizing AutoCAD and Sketch-up, Vray, Illustrator, PhotoShop, & InDesign with fluency; research & analyze all applicable &
current zoning ordinances, building codes, accessibility codes & procedures required by the City, Planning, Building, Utilities Departments, Fire District, State and Federal Agencies; elaborate design development documents, investigate & select building
systems and materials, prepare estimates of construction cost & create design or technical solutions using BIM software Revit to
test out different design alternatives.

Send resume to: Ko Architects, Inc., 900 High Street, Suite 1, Palo Alto, CA 94301
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